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Medium term development plan


  • To establish a grassroots football unit within the technical department of the member association
  • To set specific objectives on the following subjects:

– Grassroots football
– Schools football
– Football in communities
– Training coach-educators
– Organising matches, competitions and festivals


  • To prepare a detailed plan for development at local, regional and national levels 

Objectives to be achieved (3 years)

  • Increase participation (6-12 year-olds/boys and girls)
  • Improve the standards of coach-educators and increase the number of training courses
  • Organise more festivals and tournaments (various formats adapted to the circumstances)
  • Improve communication and develop relations with partners, improve sports facilities
  • Encourage the teachers, volunteers and parents who become involved
  • Establish a professional unit for the development of grassroots football within the technical department
  • Sign agreements with ministries, primarily the Ministry of Education 

Setting up a three-year development plan

Objectives Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 3 (li)
Impact Local Regional National National
Structure Set up:
  • a grassroots football
    development unit;
  • a management
    • a grassroots football
      department in each
    • links with communities
    Establish a well-
    organised grassroots
    football department
    within the technical
    department of the
    member association.
    Employ qualified
    personnel (e.g.
    local coordinators,
    grassroots football
    manager, etc.) Participation
    Launch pilot programme
    in primary schools