Die Ziele des Kinderfussballtrainers

The GOALS of the coach-educator

  1. Enjoy working with the children.
  2. Get to know the children very well.
  3. Be a point of reference for the children.
  4. Set high standards but be tolerant.
  5. Listen to the children.
  6. Keep communicating.
  7. Instil confidence in the children and reassure them.
  8. Develop team spirit.
  9. Encourage initiative and risk-taking in individuals.
  10. Focus on the “spirit of the game” rather than errors.
  11. Teach by encouragement.

Behaviour to be avoided

  1. Constantly shouting or behaving aggressively.
  2. Training children or asking them to play as if they were adults.
  3. Forgetting that the main motivation of children is to play football.
  4. Giving explanations that are too long.
  5. Presenting technical objectives that are too advanced for the children’s ages.
  6. Organising exercises that become too routine.
  7. Focusing on one exercise for too long.
  8. Continuously interrupting play.
  9. Criticising an individual in front of the group.
  10. Forgetting to balance the teams.
  11. Placing too much emphasis on the results.