For coach-educators

Coaching Grassroots

The FIFA Grassroots programme is aimed at giving children aged between 6 and 12 the opportunity to play football, regardless of their social background. The children’s football coach has a key role to play. He uses a host of fun activities to introduce the children to the game and is mindful to encourage not only their sporting but also their social development.

Technical elements for Grassroots education

The Grassroots programme introduces child- ren to the basic technical elements of the game. They learn about tactics and the Laws of the Game through a variety of exercises and playing formats. The training sessions are adapted to the children’s age and stage of development and the children gain encou- ragement from their speedy progress. At all times, the emphasis is on fun and fair play.

Organisation of Grassroots events

The aim of the Grassroots programme is to ensure children have fun playing football. This is best achieved through Grassroots events encompassing training sessions, tournaments and festivals which bring the game closer to children. Meanwhile, the organisers benefit from detailed training programmes, tournament plans and guide- lines for hosting a festival.