Play is the best means of learning. Above all, youngsters should have fun

The essential elements of grassroots football are relationships, team spirit and fun. The concept of learning through play while being guided by a coach-educator is a specific approach designed to reach out to the young and create a process to connect to the future. The coach-educator must be dynamic, uncomplicated, passionate and motivational and must always respect the children’s physical, physiological and psychological characteristics.


Children are not just miniature adults

Football is the main recreational activity of countless numbers of children around the world. It is an exceptional tool for social integration and an excellent means of expression. The FIFA Grassroots Programme offers everyone the chance to play football, without discrimination and without the need for major infrastructure. 

FIFA’s programme can complement the initiatives of confederations and member associations that already have established grassroots programmes. FIFA’s Grassroots Programme has been drawn up in close cooperation with member associations and involves all the stakeholders in education (governments, NGOs (nongovernmental organisations), communities, schools, etc.). 

Grassroots football is football for everyone, by everyone, everywhere.