In implementing its mission statement, one of the three approaches adopted by FIFA is to “Develop the game”. This is manifested in the main objective of FIFA’s grassroots football programme: to allow football to be discovered by as many people as possible. The best way of attracting new players to the sport is to give them access to football in their own environment whatever their age, sex, physical condition, skin colour, religion or ethnic origin.


Grassroots football is football for all

FIFA’s grassroots football programme targets boys and girls aged 6-12 years through school, community and club initiatives.

The key concept of the programme is to bring together as many people as possible through football. The grassroots programme advocates exchanges and sharing human values and, of course, promotes the pleasure of practising our marvellous sport.

For some people, grassroots football is a focus for recreational activities, while for others it is the organised practice of the sport, with training and matches, within a school or club framework.

Of course not all young players will become the stars of the future and they do not all have the skills required to become professional players. So intensive training sessions and complicated tactics are not appropriate.