Teaching approach

1. Preparing the session

  • Written notes
  • General knowledge of football
  • Setting the objectives to be achieved
  • Choice of exercises, adapted to the children’s capabilities
  • Preparation in terms of the location and schedule of exercises
  • Tailoring instructions depending on the children’s level
  • Gradual development of exercises, taking the children’s level into account
  • Repetition of exercises and memorising of situations by the children
  • Evaluation of exercises and progress made by the children

2. Organising the session

  • Setting out the area for play, providing a suitable space
  • Teaching equipment, first-aid kit
  • Organisation of exercises and games: distribution of bibs, movement and rotation of players, etc.
  • Organisation of teams. It is important that teams are balanced when they compete against each other to make sure that the children remain motivated
  • Players’ level
  • Players’ physical characteristics
  • Diversity, adapting the rules if necessary
  • Progressive development of exercises and games
  • Duration and repetition of exercises
  • Rest periods, drinks for the children 

3. Motivating the session

  • Simple, comprehensive explanations of the objectives of the session
  • Presentation of the contents
  • Organisation of teams and/or working groups in workshops
  • Setting up exercises
  • Positioning players
  • Demonstrating the exercise
  • Carrying out the exercise, monitoring time taken
  • Exercises and motivation
  • Teaching by encouragement
  • Monitoring comprehension of exercises and the quality of implementation
  • Collective and/or individual correction of exercises
  • Ongoing control of schedule and area
  • Pursuit of technical quality
  • Games and motivation
  • Teaching by encouragement
  • Allowing play to continue, infrequent intervention
  • Encouraging individual initiative
  • Promoting creativity
  • Ongoing control of schedule and area
  • Maintaining the technical balance between teams  

4. Concluding the session

  • Bringing the children back together and calming down
  • Evaluation, discussion, recommendations
  • Introduction of the next session
  • Putting equipment away
  • Overseeing the children’s departure