Profile of a coach-educator


The vocation of the coach-educator, in his/her role as a trainer, is to introduce all those boys and girls who want to discover the joys of football to the sport and initiate them in its practice. In order to achieve the objectives associated with this role as a trainer, the coach-educator’s mission in his/her “football school” must be the following: 

  1. to welcome all young players from the age of six without selection;
  2. to promote a sporting education based on respect and fair play from the youngest age;
  3. to encourage a spirit based on the enjoyment of playing and the desire to improve.

Without being an expert, the coach-educator must have a certain basic knowledge:

Knowledge of children:

  • General developmental features at different ages
  • Relationships, behaviour, communication and language

Teaching and organisational skills:

  • The methods of teaching 
  • Organising a football session 
  • Organising a tournament 
  • Organising a festival

Basic knowledge of football:

  • Small-sided games 
  • Football games/exercises 
  • Teaching the basic techniques of football