The festival

  • A FIFA grassroots festival is a one-day event designed to introduce as many boys and girls as possible to football through different activities. The children will practise exercises and basic skills, and the matches will be small-sided games so that all the participants have the opportunity to get involved in playing football. The festival focuses on girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 12, and involves as many children as possible without distinction of ethnic origin, religion, social background or football skills.
  • The number of teams and the facilities available determine the space required for the festival.
  • How many teams there are will determine the number and organisation of the pitches and the number of workshops (technical exercises and games with reduced numbers of players). 
  • Duration of a festival: a maximum of one-and-a-half Equipment hours (including breaks). The amount of time played by each participant should not exceed the match time recommended for his/her age category, and the length of each station should be between 8 and 12 minutes.




Games and exercises

  • The dimensions of the pitches depend on the number of players, their age and their level.
  • The pitches and workshop areas must be marked out and numbered.
  • The dimensions of the goals and the objectives can vary from pitch to pitch.
  • Matches may be played with or without goalkeepers.
  • The workshops are located between or next to the pitches (see: organisation of pitches).
  1. The number of workshops (1-4) depends on the objectives
  2. and the space available for the festival.
  3. The primary focus of the workshops is technique.
  4. The workshops must be supervised (by qualified coach-educators).
  5. The organiser must specify the types of workshop.


  • All types of goal can be used. Maximum dimension: 5m x 2m
  • Marking out the pitches: tapes, cones, marker discs or lines are all options
  • Bibs of various colours; one set of bibs per activity 
  • Footballs: size 4 
  • Matches: one ball per match + goals 
  • Workshops: depends on the exercise (balls, bibs, cones, marker discs, small goals)