The coordinator’s role in the festival

Welcome and information

  • The coordinator welcomes the team managers and coach-educators
  • Before the activities start, the coordinator informs the teams of the arrangement of the pitches, the rotation of teams and the length of the stations
  • Each team manager must be given a plan showing the organisation of the pitches and the rotation of the teams to make sure that the festival runs smoothly
  • The coordinator should emphasise the rules of fair play on and off the pitches, mainly for the benefit of the parents and other adults rather than the children.
  • Organisation of logistical matters (material, water, distribution of the teams, etc.)
  • Rehearsal of the festival

During the festival

  • The coordinator should take up a position at the centre of the space to be used for the festival.
  • This position should be the best location to facilitate contact with all team managers (to answer questions, give instructions, etc.).
  • The organiser sets the duration of each rotation and indicates the start and finish of the games and exercises with an audible signal.

End of the festival and review

At the end of the festival, the coordinator calls all the teams and managers together in the middle of the area. 

The coordinator makes a closing speech (thanking the children for their participation, efforts, exemplary fair play and also thanking the team managers, parents, supporters, etc.). The team managers are also invited to speak and give a brief analysis of the festival. 

Everybody involved should use the experience to make subsequent festivals better by improving the organisation, setting up and quality of the football activities (workshops, technical exercises, matches).