PLAY is the great joy of childhood; it is through play that children can be themselves.

PLAY activities are a proven means of developing various aspects of physical, emotional and mental behaviour. The concept of competition is not eliminated, but it is essential that the competitive structures presented are suited to the children’s behavioural characteristics.

The approach is to offer simple, basic situations that are accessible by the children and match their motivation.

The grassroots football approach can be summarised as follows:


  • Above all, it is a GAME presented as a PLAY
  • Simplified and adapted to the children’s characteristics
  • Grassroots football presents the two basic concepts of football: cooperation and opposition
  • Grassroots football is an excellent means of physical, motor, psychomotor, mental and social training


Frequency and length

The frequency of the sessions depends on the children’s age and their level of experience. It is possible for school associations to programme one or two sessions a week while club associations hold a maximum of three weekly sessions for children under 12. The duration of the training session can be shortened because of adverse weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, wind, etc.).
The coach-educator must therefore adapt the session according to the children’s age and technical level as well as to the weather.