Example exercises

The philosophy of the grassroots football session which is described in the corresponding chapter in this manual will remain the same, no matter whether it is about football, futsal or beach soccer. Numerous exercises which are used in football can also be implemented in a grassroots session of futsal or beach soccer. However, the characteristics of the two disciplines require the coach-educators to keep a special focus on certain elements and will influence his/her choice of exercises for the session. 

Beach soccer

Evidently, the uneven and soft playing surface is the most distinctive element of beach soccer when compared to regular football. On sand, every movement with or without the ball involves a signifi cant physical and coordinative effort for the kids. Consequently, coach-educators are advised to choose rather simple exercises and let them discover the particularity of the surface in an enjoyable way. 


As mentioned above, futsal is played with a ball that is heavier than a normal football. Thus, when designing a grassroots futsal session, coach-educators are advised to take into consideration the increased efforts required for passing or shooting the futsal ball and adjust the space as well as duration of the exercise accordingly.  

Hereunder you will find some exercises that are especially suited for the training of futsal and beach soccer: