Equipment and environment

Medical care and treatment
Fair Play


Maximum dimension: 5 m x 2 m. Cones and poles can be used if no proper goals are available. Futsal goals can also be used (3 m x 2 m). Goals (large, heavy goals) must be properly secured so that they are safe and cannot be moved by players or supporters.


6-10 years old Size 4 (max. 290 grams)
11-12 years old Size 4

The lines are marked out depending on the equipment available (5 v 5, 7 v 7, 9 v 9). A halfway line is required for 4 v 4 / but there is no penalty area.

  1. A first aid kit should be kept near the pitch if possible.
  2. Make sure that emergency telephone numbers are to hand: ambulance / doctor on call / hospital.
  3. Organise drinks breaks (encourage drinking water often in small quantities). Ideal quantity of water: 200 ml every 15-20 mins.
  4. Players should warm up before a match. All the children should do this together if possible.
  5. Cooling down after the match (all together as Fair Play activity).
  6. Goals must be properly secured so that they are safe and cannot be moved.
  1. Distance from the edge of the pitch (for safety): 2-3 m.
  2. No spectators (or parents) in the area reserved for children and coach-educators.
  1. Organise welcome and farewell sessions for all the teams before and after the tournament.
  2. Players and coach-educators should shake hands before and after each match.