Goals / equipment

The size of the goals should correspond to the children’s age and level. Small children = small goals; big children = bigger goals. If possible, use goals with nets. Nets make the games much more enjoyable. If only 7-a-side goals are available, these can be reduced in size by using markers. Otherwise, make goals using marker discs, cones or poles. It should also be easy to distinguish the two teams. A sufficient number of bibs in different colours should be provided.


Techniques in play

Technical skills, such as keeping possession of the ball, shooting at goal, passing, controlling, running with the ball, dribbling and heading are all used in play. Pressure from opponents helps in the teaching and improvement of these skills. It is important to ensure that all parts of play are coached. If, for example, the emphasis in a specific session is on dribbling, the format of the activities should be carefully chosen to promote dribbling.