For football officials

Grassroots structure in Member Associations

The FIFA Grassroots programme works best when there is close cooperation between clubs, associations and schools. This requires a clear structure. The contact person for all of the organisations involved is the Grassroots manager. He is responsible for coordinating the project in the relevant country and performs a host of educational activities.

Guidelines for developing a grassroots football plan

In order to ensure that the FIFA Grassroots programme will be effective in a particular country, it is essential that the specific conditions in that country are analysed beforehand. What is the status of football in the country? In which areas is development work required? Guidelines are used to prepare the Grassroots project and ensure its success.

Medium term development plan

The long-term objective of the FIFA Grassroots programme is to ensure the ongoing development of boys and girls aged between 6 and 12. Countries participating in the project therefore receive a detailed development plan covering the next three years. The plan comprises five different areas in which the Grassroots programme should be implemented.

Establishing links with governments

Support for the Grassroots programme from the respective countries’ governments is key to its success. The ministries for education, health, youth and sport are all important contact partners. However, partnerships with non-governmental organisations, whereby they donate the children’s equipment or offer discounts, are also to be considered.