Other non-governmental partners

Towns and communities

Regional and local communities are the basis of social life in many countries. A relationship may be established directly with regions or some towns, depending on their importance. In this case, all the issues previously described for governments apply:

  • The use of land belonging to the communities or regions
  • The assistance of the departments of sport of the communities and regions
  • The network of schools managed by the regions and communities, and indeed by the ministry 





Non-governmental organisations often benefit from assistance from the state or external organisations (UNICEF, the Red Cross, the European Union, etc.) and act on behalf of the government in well-targeted sectors, in particular development and assistance projects. These organisations have objectives that can be associated with football development activities, for example:

  • First-aid instruction by the Red Cross during training sessions for coach-educators and schoolteachers,
  • UNICEF health campaigns (education about malaria, etc.) linked to matches between school establishments,
  • financial partnership with the European Union for sporting and educational development programmes.


There is the potential for many sponsors to link their image to a grassroots football programme. The association with sport, health, education, the youth, a national programme, etc. are all attractive elements for marketing an enterprise. Sponsorship may take many different forms. Most frequently it is the provision of sports equipment (bearing a logo or commercial slogan), the supply of prizes or a financial contribution (in return for media coverage).