The steps to be taken

It is essential, before undertaking any contact with a ministerial body, to draw up an agreement in order to ensure that the programme will be realisable and viable. 

The grassroots football programme

The following stages should be observed:

  • The draft version of the programme must receive the support of the executive committee of the member association.
  • The programme must form part of the association’s long-term vision, for a minimum of four years, and must be incorporated in the long-term development plan drawn up with FIFA’s development officers.
  • The programme must, in particular, provide: details of the objectives, criteria for success, sports content, calendar of action, budget and finance plan.
  • The programme should draw on the resources of the member association’s technical department and must involve the regional football leagues.
  • The final dossier must receive the approval of the national association’s executive committee.  

NB: The participation of partners from the private sector, and indeed NGOs, is positive for the dossier. 

The relationship with the government

The following points should be respected for meetings with a ministry:

  • Draw up a concise, effective presentation file, or prepare a video presentation if appropriate.
  • Present the programme in an objective manner, in a “winwin” format, in other words expressing that the ministry and football in the broadest sense will both benefit from the implementation of the programme (as well, of course, as the actual beneficiaries as presented in the programme’s objectives).
  • Present the interest in collaborating in a successful programme, demonstrating the commitment of all the parties.
  • Present the other partners in the programme, both private or public, without forgetting FIFA and the relevant confederation, if involved.
  • Draw up a calendar of meetings and actions, in particular for the start-up phase of the programme.
  • If a steering committee is set up to manage the programme, propose that the ministry receives a place as a member (NB: Always make sure that the football members are in the majority on the steering committee. Control of the programme must not be lost to other parties).
  • Propose that an agreement be drawn up and the content approved. 




NB: If the laws of the country allow it, and if it is necessary, the ministry’s support in obtaining import exemptions for sports equipment should be requested. 

Content of the agreement

The agreement should be uncomplicated in order to avoid any problems of interpretation. The involvement of a third party, for example a football league or ministry department, should be avoided. The member association and the ministry must be directly involved. 

Proposed content: 

  1. Names of the two parties
  2. Concisely present either, 1) each of the parties and their interest in setting up the programme, or, 2) the common interest of both parties
  • The subject of the agreement with a list of the commitments of each party
  • The duration of the agreement and the conditions for cancellation
  • The date of commencement of the agreement
  • Any monitoring activities: a report on the previous year and the plan of action for the coming year
  • The option for renewing the agreement
  • Methods to resolve disputes
  • The signatures of both parties