The objective of organising grassroots football structures within member associations is to offer as many boys and girls as possible the opportunity to play football without restrictions.

Each member association should have a national technical director (TD) who is responsible for all technical matters within the association.

A grassroots football manager works under the TD and is responsible for the grassroots football department. This department has two main missions:

  • the organisation of tournaments and festivals
  • the training of football coaches responsible for children’s football



Some member associations that are well advanced in their development plans may implement decentralised structures at regional and local level, with regional and local managers responsible for running the structure.

The base of the structure is formed by schools and clubs. Coach-educators are essential; they are indispensable to the success of a national grassroots football programme: the coaches must learn how to organise a festival, prepare a tournament and work with the children to ensure the success of the programme.