Small-sided games

Small-sided games are more fun for kids!

For kids, it is much more fun to play in smaller teams and on smaller pitches using smaller goals. In football language, these kinds of games are called “small-sided games”.

Why are small-sided games more fun?

In small-sided games ...

  • ... you come into contact with the ball more often.
  • ... you experience a wider range of football situations.
  • ... you can play in the attacking and defensive positions.
  • ... you can take more strategic decisions.
  • ... you have more opportunities to score.
  • ... you can really improve your football techniques.

Which small-sided game is for you?

See what kind of small-sided games
are best suited to your age ...

  • Age 6-8: 4 v. 4
    5 v. 5
  • Age 9-10: 4 v. 4
    5 v. 5
    7 v. 7
  • Age 11-12: 4 v. 4
    5 v. 5
    7 v. 7
    9 v. 9

Getting started: your first small-sided game!

  • In the beginning, your coach may put you in the smallest possible small-sided game: the so-called “1 versus 1” game.
  • In the “1 versus 1” game, you are alone on your side playing in defence and attack and you have only one opponent on the pitch.
  • The focus at this stage is on dribbling techniques and protecting the ball.
  • But this will quickly change and, according to your age, you will advance into small-sided games.
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