Ejemplos de planes de desarrollo del fútbol base



Aumentar la participación y formar a los profesores 


In-school session
AIM: create playing opportunities for school children from 6-12 years old
Football coaches and P.E. teachers to attend school and deliver grassroots activities
(tournaments & festivals)
– Ministry of Youth & Sport/Transport
– Ministry of Education/ playing facilities
– Member association/ technical expertise
2 schools per month per regionOUTCOME: creates relationship with schools
OUTPUT: promotion of grassroots activities
Inter-schools activities5-a-side & 7-a-side football tournament– Ministry of Youth & Sport/Transport
– Ministry of Education/ availability of P.E. teachers
– Member association/ supervision and monitoring
All schools 2 teams per schoolOUTCOME: establishes regular grassroots activities
OUTPUT: 10-15 children from each school participating in the tournament
Education of teachersGrassroots coaching courses– FIFA Development Department/ Confederation/ teaching and training materials
– Member association’s technical department/ coach education
25-30 school teachers per courseOUTCOME: develops new coach-educators
OUTPUT: sustainability of the programme


el número de niños participantes al año/el número de profesores que siguen el programa de entrenamiento


Garantizar que todos los alumnos de primaria tienen la oportunidad de disfrutar de sesiones de fútbol base de calidad en horario escolar. Incentivar costumbres sanas y la práctica de la actividad física mediante partidos reducidos/ fútsal 

ActionTacticsStrategic partner/responsibilityTargetOutcome/Output
Increase communication
with primary schools through an MOU between the association and the Ministry of Education
The technical department to
link and raise the profile of
schools’ football Provide information about the social, educational as well as the healthy benefi ts of sports and in particular football
– Ministry of Education/ head of PE
– PE staff
– Football association/ technical department – Youth coaches
All primary schoolsOUTCOME: creates links with schools and teachers as well as parents
OUTPUT: promotion of grassroots and football in general as a social, educational and healthy activity
Increase the number
of mini pitches and other outdoor and indoor facilities for mini-soccer games and futsal
Lunchtime: mini-soccer Futsal Grassroots tournaments Grassroots festivals– Ministry of Youth & Sport/ sports policy
– Ministry of Education/ Sport curriculum
– Local government/ development and maintenance of sports facilities
All primary schoolsOUTCOME: establishes regular grassroots activities
OUTPUT: maximise participation and adequate activities for both boys and girls
Increase health awareness among students Support reduction of childhood obesityTo work with health officers To run health promotion session– Ministry of Health/ health awareness campaign
– Health officers/healthy lifestyles
Football to be included in the curriculum for both boys and girlsOUTCOME: increases health awareness for both children and parents
OUTPUT: fight against obesity and related diseases like diabetes